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Majin Buu
Majin Buu
Size: 5' 8"
Bukujutsu, Absorb
Majin Buu is a pink warrior that makes his appearence in the Buu Saga. He is realeased by Babi Di who gives him energy from SSJ 2 Gohan and takes to killing everyone he can including an unsuspecting Babi Di. He then fights Vegeta who sacrifice his life to destroy him but his futile attempt is to no avail. Buu then meets a warrior named Satan who's out to go kill Buu and save the world. Satan lives with Buu and buys him a puppy who Buu loves very much. Buu's heart changes and he can no longer stay formed with his evil side, and ends up realeasing it. But his evil half defeats him and they once again form into an even more power and more evil Buu who fights Gohan, Gotenks, and Vegetto. Buu uses a special technique absorb and use the powers of anyone he desires. But after Goku and Vegetta realease those who he had absorbed he transforms himself into a smaller version of himself. SSJ3 Goku defeats him and the evil Buu is no more. What remains of Buu is the good half.